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New Three Musketeers movie is looking extremely anachronistic.

Ok, I BLEEP you not, I haven’t been this excited about an up and coming movie since I found out about the second Sherlock Holms…. (sadly, I found out about it 6 months after the first, so that’s not saying much. )

Anyways. I’m also mostly exited because it’s (you guessed it) another really inaccurate retelling of a classic novel a ‘steampunk’ movie.

Please watch;

So I’m having this feeling that unless you’re into steampunk you’re not going to understand and be upset by the fact that this is not an accurate steampunk film.

Now class. Can anybody tell me why this is not an accurate steampunk fillm? Anyone? Anyone at all?

Well, anyone who has read The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas (I have yet to meet another living sole who has) knows that it is set in the 17th century. Specifically some time during the Siege of La Rochelle (1627- 1628).

Now, as you have just recently watched in the trailer above, the Duke of Buckingham is creating an army of really effin cool air ships. (This is where I burst your bubble and place in a part of my steampunk sole.) Air ships of any kind where not invented until the late 18th century. The first attempts didn’t even carry people until 1785!

(Without trying to sound like a complete loser;) This disregard for history’s technological advances throws off Steampunk’s original look. I mean, why not go back another 150 years and whip out your double barrel lazier pistol and see what’ll happen. Here you go King Edward V. Enjoy!


Steampunk is largely anachronistic. I get. You get. Your grandmother gets it. But usually this technological advancement is a result of years of development, which then changes the culture and civilization it’s created for.  (Anyone seen Wild Wild West? Sure the crazy steam powered spider was crazy… but with all the other technological gadgets around them, it wasn’t impossible.)

So, this leads me to the question… why is the 17th century civilization still very 17th century?

(And no one has the answer?)

Because, class, the creators of this film needed something to give it a bit of a thrill for the standerd population (AKA; people with money!). They dont care about the rest of us thinkers. (Another main reason why comic book movies have been getting worse and worse. Don’t get me started.)

I mean you can only do so many bad Three Musketeer movies before we grab our flaming pitchforks. (Example;)


The Musketeer…….The Three Musketeers…….Barby and the Three Musketeers

Now, maybe this movie will be extremely entertaining.

Or then again… it might not.

At least if the movie’s bad I’m sure I’ll be able to close of any part of my brain that has intelligent thought and  simply enjoy the extensively long and incredibly expensive fight scenes.

…. And if all else fails I’ll imagine I’m having wonderfully romantic sex with Matthew Macfadyn (Mr. Darcy).


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Anime North 2011 – Day 1

ANIME NORTH IS AWESOME! So many things happend today, I’m just going to post photo’s though and explain what went down.

Yes Ladies and Gentalmen, this is how my day started.

Even my food had fun!

My costume! Ta sex if I do say so myself…. and I do.

Now, onto what you’ve been waiting for; COSPLAYERS!

This was for Kyra!

This was for my mom!

The one on your left is from this game. And the one on the right is from Sucker Punch.

From that video game…. I forget what it’s called.

I think these guys are obvious.

Yu-Gi-Oh! …. This one is for you Deanna.

Girl from The Fifth Element.

Burst Angel!



SO! That just about sums up day one. I’ll post more tomorrow! Later!

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Steampunk Wedding

Because I’m a loser and have nothing else to do with my time; I went searching for Wedding dresses. (This may also have to do with the fact that a friend of mine has been posting photos of what she is looking for, and I was curious as to what I would wear.)

After looking high and low for something that I would enjoy… I found nothing. Everything was either strapless, or very traditional, with the only creative things being beadwork, draping on the skirt, or a splash of colour. All of these not at all to my liking for myself. Not to mention; why would I buy a wedding dress that looks like all the other dresses when I dont fit the ‘mold’ on a regular bases.


I stumbled upon this website;

Off Beat Bride

It is full of wonderfully strange wedding ideas. Everything from Rockabilly cakes down to Zombie brides.

While looking through this wonderful site I found this;

A Steampunk wedding dress! Isn’t it wonderful?

Ok, maybe not exactly my wedding dress M.O. but its close to a theme, and I feel like Victorian with a ‘punk’ edge to it wouldn’t be hard to create. Its the thought that counts….. or something like that.

Anyways I was mostly blown away by the photographer; Thomas Dogget. His website is just wonderful and you can find more photo’s of his work on Flicker.

Well, there you have it folks. I have found my wedding theme; Steampunk! Now I just have to find the pore sap who would be willing to go along with my crazy wedding plans!

– Click here for another Steampunk wedding (Make sure to watch the slideshow. Everything here is Steampunk, even the guests. Its the Whole kit and kaboodle!)

– Also, something I just thought of for my wedding that doesn’t have anything to do with Steampunk (although I’m doubtful that I will ever get married); An old style photo booth!

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