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In the life of Katie

So much has happend since last I posted (way back in September 2011).

As ya’ll know I’m not much for words I’ll mostly explain with picture.

I finally got my nose done.

It didn’t really hurt so much as feel strange. But it was a bit of a tear jerker.

While we’re on the subject of body mods. I also added more to my Key tattoo.

I really should go in and get the key filled, but I’m going to wait till after I go to England.

Oh yeah, I’m going to England at the end of May. I will be traveling by myself starting in Amsterdam, and traveling through England up into Scotland and then over to Ireland. (If there are any stalkers out there who want to find me in these places… I will not be traveling alone during may and june.)

Another interesting thing I’ve been doing.

I’m a burlesque dancer!!! The company name is High Voltage Burlesque, and they are Kingston’s only burlesque trope! My stage name is Kiki KaBang!

My vocal solo. Singing 'Don't Rain on my Parade.'

I also acquired a boyfriend. He’s great stuff. (You can stalk his blog here)

Cause we’re awesome like that.

Anyways I think thats about all that I can think of that is of any interest to you. I’m going to start posting again, as I need to sit down and work on my portfolio. So ya’ll will be seeing more Aht work being posted.

Thanks for waiting for me to get back from being lazy! Later days.


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