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BBQ Fun!

Last night was our BBQ! My long time friend Asia and her boyfriend Brett joined us for some crocodile burgers (from the Pig & Olive) and wine, lots and lots of wine.


We had been planing this small BBQ for a week now, and I still didn’t have enough wine on hand! We drank down 5 bottles between the 4 of us.


We had so much food! (I was so hungry I forgot to photograph the table!) But let me tell you it was delicious! Thank the food gods that my boyfriend works in a butcher shop, we get all the best deals!


I called Asia up last minute and told her to come dressed in something very fashionably her! And she didn’t disappoint.


He hair looks fantastic! Asia is so good a braiding her hair into anything, and everything.



You can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl! I thought the cowboy boots were a great addition to her outfit.


And since Brett was feeling left out of the fashion shoot, we decided to throw him in as a man prop!

All in all it was quite a fun night!

Asia’s outfit:

Jacket/T-Shirt/Belt:  Forever21

Skirt/Boots Unknown store in USA

Jewelry: Ardene

– Katie


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My friend went to NY and all I got was a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup?

My Adventure With Reese’s in Photographs;

PS. It took me over a week to eat just the one…. My mom had the other one. Both together where over 2,000 Calories! CRAZY!

Anywho; Thank you Janice for getting this for me… my hips really love you! lol

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