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Outfit of the day: Fully Fashioned – Part 1 of 2

Hello folks! I had a full day last Saturday! I spent the morning teaching a lovely little friend of mine how to sew her dolls some cloths. She did great! (I’ll be sure to ask her mom if I can take photos for next time!)

Saturday was the Princess St. Promenade!


© City of Kingston

Princess Street is the main drag in Kingston. It stretches from the waterfront all the way to the West end of town, where it turns into a highway. The event includes non for profit booths, local shops selling goods, and free activities for kids; including rock wall climbing and jumpy castles.

ImageMy outfit for the first part of my day was a summer dress I just bought this year!

ImageI really enjoy the shape of the skirt. The front and back are long – which covers the important bits – but the sides are short, allowing me to show off some leg. (Which we all know is my favourite thing to show off!)

ImageIt also has straps that tie around my neck, but I much prefer just relying on my strapless bra to old things up. That way I can wear a necklace!

ImageThere are a few factors as to why I bought this dress. Number one; I really wanted a new summer dress, number two; the skirt, and number three; this fabulous retro flower pattern! I haven’t seen anything this dated in a long time. I swear, if I hadn’t bought it from Sears myself, I would have assumed it was made out of an old bed spread from the 70’s.

ImageAs I planned on doing a large amount of walking, wedges were a necessity.

I’m sorry this post was so late, I had planned on posting it with photos of the day, but complications have come up. But I i promise I will post them soon!

Dress: Sears

Shoes: The Shoe Company

Belt/Purse: Costa Blanca

Jewelry: Ardene

– Katie


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BBQ Fun!

Last night was our BBQ! My long time friend Asia and her boyfriend Brett joined us for some crocodile burgers (from the Pig & Olive) and wine, lots and lots of wine.


We had been planing this small BBQ for a week now, and I still didn’t have enough wine on hand! We drank down 5 bottles between the 4 of us.


We had so much food! (I was so hungry I forgot to photograph the table!) But let me tell you it was delicious! Thank the food gods that my boyfriend works in a butcher shop, we get all the best deals!


I called Asia up last minute and told her to come dressed in something very fashionably her! And she didn’t disappoint.


He hair looks fantastic! Asia is so good a braiding her hair into anything, and everything.



You can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl! I thought the cowboy boots were a great addition to her outfit.


And since Brett was feeling left out of the fashion shoot, we decided to throw him in as a man prop!

All in all it was quite a fun night!

Asia’s outfit:

Jacket/T-Shirt/Belt:  Forever21

Skirt/Boots Unknown store in USA

Jewelry: Ardene

– Katie

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80’s Dance – The dance

We had a blast!

The girls hanging out for pre-drinks.

The dance was so much fun. They had a flat screen that played 80’s music videos, as well as an old school 80’s ‘portrait studio’ with tacky backgrounds.

I won the first prize for best costume.

I'm a real boy!

It included 2 bottles of alcohol, 2 free breakfasts at Star Diner, a slinky, bubblicious gum and tacky Kanye glasses.

I think the best thing was that my boyfriend was willing to dress up with me.

We look so dirty.

We looked like a cute gay couple all night.  Thankfully he wasn’t too keen on my stash; I’m happy being a woman, and would kinda like to keep him around.

Anyways, later days.

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Saturday 80’s Dance – Costume Hunting

For it’s Fourth Year – Rouge is hanging out with Marty McFly and Traveling back in time to the 1980’s!

My friend Tegan and I went searching for 80’s glam shirts for this dance.

Here is myself in a striking blue number.

Tegan in her lovely gold shoulder bling!

And the both of us together, being hipsters!

The event will be at The Renaissance (285 Queen St. , Kingston, ON) this saturday the 31st at 9:30pm. Tickets are $10 at the door, and there are prizes!!!!! All of the proceeds raised go directly to client care at HIV/AIDS Regional Services.

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