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Well snap.

I haven’t posted since September of last year.

I’m so sorry ladies and gents (or what have yous). I’ll try and stay on top of this as much as I do my tumblr. (Ok, even I’m laughing at that.)

Well lets start with a cartoon, shall we?


I’ll post some more junk about my life later in the day!


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Meet Laura and Duncan…. and their Walrus

I spent a few hours with Laura and Duncan in Ottawa this past weekend. I have now collected lots of comic ideas. More to come.





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It’s My 100th Post! (Win a portrait of yourself!)

Well hello my followers.

So you realize this is my 100th post??? Do you know what this means? I am giving away a prize commemorating the fact that I stuck with something for longer then a day!

This is an example of what you’ll win;

This is a drawing I did of myself with Adobe Illustrator. One of you lucky readers will win a drawing, very much like this one (but probably better), of yourself!

The rules; all you have to do is post your name and where you’re from in the comments section, and I’ll do a raffle.

Simple as that. Once you’ve won, I’ll have you email me the photo you want drawn, and I’ll send it to you in a few days time.

The contest will end on August 31st 2011. Happy commenting!

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We drink to much.

This one goes out to Craig and Megan. I wish I could remember what context this was in… but I was so drunk.

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When did I stop posting cartoons?

This was made in February and I forgot to post it… because I thought I already had.

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I can’t wait for summer.

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Snow’s almost gone.

Sorry there is no colour…. I was lazy.

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