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Buy-A-Net Videos!

Melody Mayberry, a volunteer who traveled to Uganda with Buy-A-Net, created these videos, which I posted onto youtube for the world to enjoy! I hope you all like them!


If you are interested in donating to Buy-A-Net, or would like to find out more please go to their website;


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World Malaria Day 2010

Buy-A-Net’s World Malaria Day is today and I am here live on location. (((Stealing internet from our local Hotel/pub… mmmm hotel and pub. good combo)))) So I have some photo’s of the bands! I think you’re all gonna like em’. I am however not going to post them yet, I want to touch them up a bit before they’re debut (the photo’s not the bands! I don’t think I’m allowed to touch the bands.) They were all really good by the way!

The line up was as follows;

Andrea Gauster (Got her CD!)
Earth, Wind & Haggis
Jim Tidman (Ft. Paul Langlois)
Brothers Molotov
Chasing Curiosity (Got their CD!)
Beautiful Inferno
Spread the Secret

So that was what was playing… most of them are local bands! Chasing Curiosity came all the way from Ottawa, which was really nice of them. It was also really nice that Paul Langlois  from the Tragically Hip came out to sing along with Jim Tidman!
Anywho, this is was just to touch base and to let you know that I’ll have more photo’s later in the week!

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