Outfit of the day: Comfy Cozy

Hello! I’m sorry this week has been slim on posts. But I have some exciting news; FanExpo is 5 days away!!!

So these photos are from yesterday morning. I would have posted them last night, but I spent all of last night costuming!


This sweater was bought for me as a christmas gift, and honestly I didn’t think I would like it, but I wear it more then I would have thought! It’s brown and fuzzy like a towel, but for some reason I find ways to make it super trendy(…?)

The weather has turned really cold for this time of year. I’m hoping it last for FanEx, so we can step out side and cool down! Hahaha. 

The unfortunate thing is that all of my warm cloths are very fall looking. So I do my very best to keep things looking seasonal, while still staying warm. 


This purse is, however, the best part of my outfit! I bought it when I was in Edinburgh at a store that I unfortunately can’t remember, nor could I find with my eyes open and a map. My tour guide on the Haggis bus tour, told us all when he dropped us off;

“The best way to see this city is to get lost in it and then find yourself again.”

So I did just that, and had a fantastic time doing it.


The back of the purse.



Also, I found my favourite casual glasses again! I keep losing these suckers cause I don’t wear them all the time. But I love them to bits. (And yes, these are prescription glasses.)

Dress/Scarf: Le Chateau

Sweater: Reitmans

Ring: Steam on Queen event vender

Glasses: Hakim 

– Katie


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