William Shakespeare: Abridged

Well folks. I’m at it again. Impromptu Productions has suckered me into costuming a very impromptu production. (See what I did there!)

So I have no outfit of the day for you. My last two days off were spent running around like a mad woman trying to get everything for the play tomorrow night!


This is technically my 4th play to costume for Impromptu, and although it’s stressful as hell, I always come away with the greatest friendships. It helps that all of the cast members I have ever had the honer of costuming sure know how to party! 


Photo was taken a few months back for our double play; Romeo and Juliet, and Mercutio and His Brother Valentine. 


I also finished up dead Ophelia. I think she looks great! Mitch was nice enough to hang out for the morning while I finished up. We ended up saving the day by going out for ice cream and a walk downtown. It might have been a simple date, but I quite enjoyed myself.

I unfortunately didn’t make it to the masquerade the other night. But I promise I will post photos of the costume. I plan on wearing it at FanExpo anyways, so you’ll be seeing it in about 10 days! 

I’ll leave you with a parting photo! My lovely mother bought some new summer cloths, so when she went out today she gussied herself right up. I thought I should share her outfit with the world!


Skirt/tank/top: Penningtons

– Katie


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