Outfit of the day: Bunny dress

I can’t even explain this dress, of my love for it. It makes no sense and needs to be belted, but it is a fantastic H&M find. One that is so unique, that I am shocked that I ever found it. And for only $10!


As you can see it’s as cute as a button. It’s a size large, but the elastic waist goes for miles, and in fact I have to belt it to keep it on. Hahaha!


I have to wear a slip underneath  as it’s a see-through as sin, but I quite like that bonus. Like I’ve said before about being able to add my own underthings to a dress. Today I had a fitted slip, next time I’ll wear black booty shorts and a body suit.



Keepin’ with the cute; my finder has cat ears!

Well, I’m keeping it short today. I plan on going to a masquerade tomorrow night. I was invited by the director of the play I’m costuming to fill in as an extra for a movie they’re filming in town. A modern day version of The Phantom of The Opera. I’ll be sure to get pictures of my costume before I go!

Dress/Rings: H&M

Slip/Necklace/Bracelets: Le Chateau

Belt: Costa Blanca (Man I need a new rope belt. lol!)


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