Outfit of the day: Lazy for Starbucks

So I have a wicked cold. It’s the kind that you know isn’t dragging you down enough to miss work, but will be with your for a long time. So I’ve decided to take a trip to Starbucks and get myself a coffee.

I don’t know how this will help my cold, but at least I’ll get out of the house before I leave for work.


I found this little poncho at Value Village a couple years ago. It always makes me feel comfortable, I just never get a chance to wear it.


I always like to brake it up with something. So today I’m using a scarf. Normally I wear large amounts of necklaces, or if I’m feeling trendy I’ll wear a button down shirt and have the caller stand out over it.


Another VV find that I wear to feel comfortable is my AC/DC t-shirt. I’m not a t-shirt wearing girl, as they have to fit all of my requirements; and I have many. But this one fits the bill, so I tend to wear this allot. 

Normally I wear it tucked into long skirts, but I also enjoy these shorts on occasion, and I feel I don’t wear them as much as I should.


I find that the best way to wear this T-Shirt is with the sleeves cuffed. I tried it on at Value Village when i was there with some friend. I loved it but felt that something was missing. Just then my friend Melodie walked over and cuffed one of the sleeves. It was true T-Shirt love at first cuff. ❤


Socks and Mocs; needed to happen. I’ve been having feet problems to the eXtreme, and yesterday was my feet ‘checkup’. So they’re wrapped up like mummies at the moment. 


On a happy note, here is a photo of my bashful cat. She’s the most annoying creature that has ever graced my house, but we somehow manage to co-exist.

Now, off to get Starbucks!

Pancho/T-Shirt/Mocs/shorts: Thrifted

Scarf: Le Chateau

Cuff: Addition Elle


– Katie


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