Outfit of the day: Fully Fashioned – Part 2 of 2

So, after a full day of walking around and eating everything, we all went to Matt and Rachel’s going away party! 



I was told by my pre-drinkng group of friends to suit up! And as Matt is known for suiting up all the time, I came prepared!



I had such a fun time in this dress. It’s really figure flattering and fun to dance around in. A huge downside is the sequins; as the bodice has no trim around the top the sequins dig into my back, not to mention my arms end up chafed.

As soon as I got home Mitch zipped my out of the bust and I drunkenly ate pizza with just the skirt around my hips and my strapless braw. Getting out of that dress was almost as good as the pizza!



I have quite a few hair pieces that I never get to wear. I have since forgotten where I bought this from but it is my less obvious pieces, and I think I wear it the most!


I just tossed my hair into a bun of swirls by wrapping a large chunk of hair around a smaller pony tail. Pinned the bun into place, then I used the smaller pony tail to create the swirls. It was really easy, and made everything look simple, yet elegant.


These are my Iron Fist wedges. I love them! I want more. They are as comfortable as can be expected, and they’re light; which makes them easy to last the night in. The only downside is that the front curves upward, making it a challenge to stay balanced when you’ve had a few to many. They are also smooth on the bottom, so they don’t keep their grip well. I had a few spills on account of them, but it was worth it!



The basement of The Mansion was rented out for the occasion, and they had Karaoke set up for us to burst some ear drums! It was our group’s tradition to go to The Sizzle every Wednesday and sing Karaoke. The clientele mostly consisted of us, and some hotel regulars (as it was connected to a hotel), so we had free run of the place. About 6 months ago the restaurant changed owners, and Karaoke at The Sizzle was shut down. 

King St Sizzle holds some very fond memories for me. Not only did my singing land me a job as a burlesque dancer, but I also met my boyfriend Mitch there – and we’re still going strong a year and a half later! He still tells me I have a beautiful voice! Ha ha ha.



We did our pre-drinking at my best friend Jed’s mom’s place (he’s the redhead). He was back in town for the weekend with his girlfriend Katie (in white shorts). I have more stories then I can remember, all about crazy parties there. It was just like being in high school again, only I think we all dress much better!



As you can tell, we all got decidedly more drunk as the night progressed. I wish we had large group parties more often. I’d say at least 60 people showed up over the course of a night, and they had an after party!


Have a great time in England Matt and Rachel! We will miss you!

Dress/Necklace: Addition Elle

Shoes: Get Funky

Earrings: Le Chateau

Pashmina: Jones of New York

– Katie


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