Outfit of the day: My Spirit Animal

So, when I was in Amsterdam last year, enjoying the local customs, a friend of mine informed the group that my spirit animal was a Peacock.


I found this ring at a booth in a sketchy ‘mall’ in London, England. It doesn’t fit well, and it turns my finger green, but I cherish is above all my pieces, mainly because of the story above! The necklace I found later and just had to buy it! I do love matching sets.


Although I generally have a love for all shapeless dresses – my collection is extensive – I would have to say, by far, this is my favourite shapeless dress.


The reason I love this dress is because it’s transparent. So I have the option of wearing a slip, or a body suit. Today I opted for a slip!


And of course my nude wedges. Keeping the colour palette light enough for summer.


Dress: Value Village

Necklace: Le Chateau

Ring: Camden Market – London, England

Shoes: Payless

I’m hosting a small BBQ tonight so I have lots of work to do before hand. I’ll be sure to post photos tomorrow! (With a special guest?)

– Katie


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