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Oh Canada (Part 2)

Sorry about not posting this sooner, but it didn’t upload in time. Anyways, you guys can enjoy it now;



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Canada Day… It was some time last week…

Thank you Frog Man for giving us this story about Canada;

“For today is Canada Day!

If you are unfamiliar with this holiday, it represents the day that Canada declared its independence from the evil Moose People of Saskatoon. For 300 years the Moose People ruled Canada with an iron fist. Riding on mooseback and carrying large whips they would force the Canadians to work in the maple syrup mines. They felt they were generous leaders because they paid the workers with bacon. But this was no bacon at all. It was ham that they called bacon.

Finally the people got fed up with the harsh working conditions and fake bacon. They rose up against the Moose People and said, “That’s not bacon, eh.” They fashioned weapons from petrified syrup and fought the Moose People into near extinction. With each blow of their petrified syrup swords they would say, “Oh my. Really sorry boot that, eh.”

Then on July 1, 1867 the last of the Moose People were dead and the Canadians declared that they were free.”

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Kingston Ontario’ Pow Wow

I haven’t had a chance to post these for the simple reason I am a Fail.

Also, I’m so sorry about the black spots in all of the photo’s. I have to have my lenses and camera cleaned! ARG!


It was awesome. I can’t wait to go to the one in Tyendinaga Ontario, August 13th and 14th! See you there!

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