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Anime North 2011 – Day 1

ANIME NORTH IS AWESOME! So many things happend today, I’m just going to post photo’s though and explain what went down.

Yes Ladies and Gentalmen, this is how my day started.

Even my food had fun!

My costume! Ta sex if I do say so myself…. and I do.

Now, onto what you’ve been waiting for; COSPLAYERS!

This was for Kyra!

This was for my mom!

The one on your left is from this game. And the one on the right is from Sucker Punch.

From that video game…. I forget what it’s called.

I think these guys are obvious.

Yu-Gi-Oh! …. This one is for you Deanna.

Girl from The Fifth Element.

Burst Angel!



SO! That just about sums up day one. I’ll post more tomorrow! Later!


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Anime North 2011 (Getting Started!)

So yesterday I drove 3.5 hours to get to my hotel. IN TORONTO ONTARIO! WOOOOO! I’m stoked to be back. I miss this city, like you wouldn’t believe.

Oh! Thats right, you guys probably didn’t know that I lived in Toronto. Well I did. For all of a year. It was thus far the most abitiouse thing I have ever done….. I’m kidding…. no I’m not…

Anyways, I’m at Anime North. I have wanted to go to this convention since I was 17! And as I am going on 22, I felt it was about time I got a move on!

Thus far it’s really just getting your program, but I have already met some people, even some old friends, and am having a grand time.

So I left my hotel in Regular clothing, thinking it hasn’t started yet, no one will be in costume.

Let me explain something to you about nerdy anime people. We apparently love to wear the same costume for 4 days with out washing it…..

A few days ago I thefted my friends point and shoot camera so I wouldn’t have to cary around Bulkie McBulk around all weekend…. when it stopped working. I have put in 3 sets of batteries and other than the above photograph, this is all I managed to snap before it froze and died;

Fail you, very much.

This is my program;

Any-who, I then brought out McBulk and got a shot of my $7.00 desert that I was able to take back to my room after eating at the hotel. (Pst. my bill was more than I pay for food in a week of eating out!)

I also photographed my guns that I worked on the night before I left…. I guess the holsters were still a little wet, because one of them is missing some paint on the front, but I doubt that anyone will be looking that closely…..

Not to shabby.

Anyways, my breakfast has just arrived and I still have to do my hair, which should take a few hours!


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Faa Faa Faa Fashion

So I’m here to enlighten you on my fashion, and how I choose my cloths, and how I’ll be choosing my cloths this summer.

Men’s pants, men’s dress shirts, men’s shoes. This is something I have been wearing for a little while, and I can’t wait to keep wearing them. I just bought some old Wrangler jeans at Value Village (still had the tag on them!) and I have been wearing them with a lighter denim shirt with a nice old rope belt. I then bling it up with jewelry and a flash of red lipstick.

Just like this.

This had been things that I’ve been wearing for pub crawls. Shinny black spanks, with combat boots and a long black jacket which I some times belt.

Another thing I have been doing is wearing my coats like this. Very nice. Works well with my office cloths and can follow me into the pubs with a little outfit change.

Large bowes. I have been taking massive advantage of my old scarf collection.  Adding it to a simple skirt and shirt combo makes me stand out. Just try not to look to air line stuartist.

A white dress. Thats all I need to say. This summer I have 2, along with 3 long white skirts.  Not very faltering on large size girls (myself included) but I dont care, I love them.

I have taken to wearing floral print dresses all year round, but nothing beats floral print in the summer. I have 5, and need more. More More More. I love the smaller print ones, but large print is cute to, as long as its done right. Hawaiian print can only get you so far.

I also have knee highs. I’m just waiting for better weather. For those of you who have issues with keeping them up; garter belt. I have one and I love it! Make sure you get one that is functional, not just decretive.

Petticoats I dont care what people say, they are awesome. I wear them as much as I can. With summer coming its going to decrease, but I found that if you use a lighter material for both your petticoat and over skirt you should do fine. Cotton is you best friend.

 The last thing I want to stress is accessories! Make sure you have those cute socks, and that purse to match. Hair ribbons are also very great to have. Go to your local fabric store, buy some cheep coloured ribbon, and tie it in your hair, around your waist, on your purse. It adds something more. Even think about your umbrella! Your outfit doesnt just end with your pants and shirts! Bring it into the things your taking with you! And have fun with it!

Now; watch a video about how to wear shoes! And have a good show!

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