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Movie’s I’m feeling.

Now before we start I would first like to say that some of these have already been in theaters…. just not yet in Canada (and weather they will has yet to be seen….). Just the same I wanted the share with you some movie trailers that I find most entertaining and wish to watch.

Puss And Boots

I’m just going to close my eyes and pretend that I’m sleeping with Antonio Banderas.

Sucker Punch

Come on, who doesn’t want to see sexually exploited women in short skirts murder and kill people in order to escape from prison, all the while using their minds. Its like Inception meets soft-core porn.

Kung Fu Panda 2

I’m holding out hope that Jack Black’s dry witty voice will cary this movie better than it did the last. (I’m kidding…there is no hope.)

Cowboys & Alians

I really want to see how old Harrison Ford looks…. while riding a horse.

The Tempest

I can’t wait to see how they fuck up this classic. Although I’m having a feeling it’ll be true to its story, with a little more interest do to todays action movie standerds.

Burke and Hare

I think this movie is just going to be awesome.


Clearly we know why… cause Russel Brant is awesome.


Its gonna be a tear jirker.

Love and Other Drugs

I needed to put in a chick flick, and what better then this?


I dont quite understand…. but I am intrigued.

And lastly;

AVATAR Special Edition

Yes, James Cameron really is a Duche Bag. Ok, so I really don’t care to see it, nor am I going to….. but I felt it would be a funny ending to my post.


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Steampunk Wedding

Because I’m a loser and have nothing else to do with my time; I went searching for Wedding dresses. (This may also have to do with the fact that a friend of mine has been posting photos of what she is looking for, and I was curious as to what I would wear.)

After looking high and low for something that I would enjoy… I found nothing. Everything was either strapless, or very traditional, with the only creative things being beadwork, draping on the skirt, or a splash of colour. All of these not at all to my liking for myself. Not to mention; why would I buy a wedding dress that looks like all the other dresses when I dont fit the ‘mold’ on a regular bases.


I stumbled upon this website;

Off Beat Bride

It is full of wonderfully strange wedding ideas. Everything from Rockabilly cakes down to Zombie brides.

While looking through this wonderful site I found this;

A Steampunk wedding dress! Isn’t it wonderful?

Ok, maybe not exactly my wedding dress M.O. but its close to a theme, and I feel like Victorian with a ‘punk’ edge to it wouldn’t be hard to create. Its the thought that counts….. or something like that.

Anyways I was mostly blown away by the photographer; Thomas Dogget. His website is just wonderful and you can find more photo’s of his work on Flicker.

Well, there you have it folks. I have found my wedding theme; Steampunk! Now I just have to find the pore sap who would be willing to go along with my crazy wedding plans!

– Click here for another Steampunk wedding (Make sure to watch the slideshow. Everything here is Steampunk, even the guests. Its the Whole kit and kaboodle!)

– Also, something I just thought of for my wedding that doesn’t have anything to do with Steampunk (although I’m doubtful that I will ever get married); An old style photo booth!

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Dr. Katie – “Thats What I Got!”

So I found out that I have a skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris.

My Own Arm!

I’ve had these things for ever, they always get bad in the winter, and I have to exfoliate and moisturize like crazy! I always wondered what the hell they were and why I would get zit like things all over my arms and legs. (I say zit like because they would never get white heads, they would just get all infected and then take months to heal!)

I primarily get the really bad ones on my wrists, and then just cover them up with large bracelets. It freaks my friends out, cause then they just get more infected. Lucky for me my arms have freckles all over them and so the scares just blend in.

I used to hide my arms all the time when I was a kid, because they were always read and blotchy from the KP. I never really cared about it when I was in Highschool because I noticed that lots of people had it.  Apparently 40% of adults have it, and 50% to 80% of all adolescents have it!


A really bad case.

Keratosis Pilaris is characterized by the appearance of small rough bumps on the skin with symptoms related to acne. On of the treatments is to use sulfur soaps, lotions, and exfoliants; side effects can include thickening of hair and nails, and pale skin. (I see nothing wrong with any of those side affects) Scratching and picking at KP bumps causes them to redden, and, in many cases, will cause bleeding and infection. (Yes, Asia Schwehr, I will stop scratching at them.)

So if you have this problem you now know what its called.


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