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Hey Maury, more music!

So I’m back with some more music posts. I swear this is just coincidence. I’m not this obsess with music. Anyways, this next song is the shit. Its by a girl called Emily Adams. (I know her in real life but you can find her here, and here.) So I found this video she posted just recently and I felt I needed to share it;


I hope ya’ll loved it as much as I did!


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Make it country, because I was born that way.

Thats right, because I love music this much (or so it may seem) I have another music post. I felt I needed to, because this music find was just to much not to pass up;

Lady Gaga makes a country version of Born This Way. Thats right kids, now you can watch her kick Taylor Swift off of the country pop charts! Oh, pore Taylor Swift, all the crazy people in the music business hate her. But in all seriousness this song isn’t bad. Now I could be just saying that because its like cocaine. I mean for the past month this song has been played on everything, and droned into our heads until we love it. (But it could just be me saying that, we all know how I enjoy following the mainstream of things. For christ sakes I’m sitting at a Starbucks drinking an $8 coffee when the real reason I’m here is because I cant afford internet…. I’m sure we get where I’m going here…)

Anyways, what you came to see;

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50 Randomly Suggested Songs

Because Beth needs to be told what to listen to and because I feel like she was asking me to do this a few months ago;  I decided to make a post entirely about music.

These are some Bands/songs I like, check em’ out and get back to me. (This goes out to everyone.) I tried to pick bands/songs that people may not have heard before, or I felt might be liked, or might just bring back memories. Please note that these are in no order. I numbered them to keep track of how many I have listed. I have 4584 songs to chose from… I had to condense it to 50.

1. Die Mannequin

  • Dead Honey

2. Florence and the Machine

  • Dog Days Are Over

3. Adele

  • Rolling In The Deep:

4. Two Door Cinema Club

  • What You Know:

5. Cage The Elephant

  • Shake Me Down

6. Lykke Li

  • Get some

7. David Guetta

Gettin’ Over You (Feat. Chris Willis, Fergie & LMFAO)

8. Slow Club

  • Apples And Pairs

9. Datarock

  • Computer Camp Love

10. The Strokes

  • Reptillia

11. Unkle

  • Burn My Shadow

12. The Duke Spirit

  • The Step and The Walk Away

13. Dan Mangan

  • Robots:

14. Sweet Thing

  • Lazy Suzan:

15. Loch Lomond

  • Elephants & Little Girls

16. Cute Is What We Aim For

  • Miss Sobriety

17. Metric

  • Stadium Love

18. VersaEmerge

  • Past Praying For

19. Silversun Pickups

  • Lazy Eye

20. Sans Sebastian

  • Young Youth

21. The Junction

  • My Love Was There

22. Janelle Monáe

  • Many Moons

23. Prodigy

  • Spitfire

24. Our Last Night

  • I Have Fought A Measureless Battle

25. Mumford & Sons

  • Little Lion Man

26. Fool’s Gold

  • Surprise Hotel

27. Tegan And Sara

  • Alligator

28. Behemoth

  • Lucifer

29. Chemical Brothers

  • Salmon Dance

30. Martina Topley Bird

  • Baby Blue

31. Broken Bells

  • The Ghost Inside

32. Diamond Rings

  • All Yr Songs

33. Deftones

  • Royal

34. The Arcade Fire

  • Rebellion (Lies)

35. Dan Black

  • Symphonies

36. Kid Cudi

  • Pursuit Of Happiness (Because I love him, you get 2 different videos for the same song.)

37. El Perro Del Mar

  • Change of Heart

38. Kaskade

  • Fire in Your Red Shoes

39. Imogen Heap

  • Hide and Seek

40. Hellogoodbye

  • Here In Your Arms

41. In-Flight Safety

  • Model Homes

42. Passion Pit

  • Sleepyhead

43. Little Big Town

  • Boondocks (Its country, friggin deal.)

44. Iron and Wine

  • Boy With A Coin

45. Queens of The Stone Age

  • Hanging Tree

46. Billy Corgan (Not Smashing Pumkins, Just Billy)

  • Walking Shade

47. Placebo

  • Bulletproof Cupid

48. Hot Hot Heat

  • Talk to Me, Dance With Me

49. Gregory And The Hawk

  • Bad Habit

50. Kanye West (The Only person who loves Kanye more then me… is Kanye.)

  • Runaway

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