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I can’t wait for summer.


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Snow’s almost gone.

Sorry there is no colour…. I was lazy.

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I’m Sick but I’m no Darth Vader

So I took a trip to the hospital today. I had already gone once back in december, and after having this cold for over 2 months I had finally had enough. Maybe it was the fact that I couldn’t breath, or it could have been the green mucus coming out my eyes as I slept, gluing them shut… but I was just about fed-up with our shitty Canadian Healthcare. I went in with the full intent of ripping open some doctor skulls, and using their intelligent brain-matter to cure me.

Fortunately for my stomach, and my impeccably spotless police record, I didn’t have to do that.I was, not only given a prescription, but free medication. Not to mention the fact that they treated me on site!

I haven’t seen such reliable and fast (I was only there for an hour and a half) service since my burst appendix. (Ok, maybe that was a bad example seeing as I went in twice for that. I had been in pain for a few days already so I went to the hospital. The first time they told me it was a bladder infection, sent me home, I came back almost 2 weeks later only to find out it was cancer of the Uterus. This then turned out to just be a burst appendix. Which they found out while I was in surgery to have my Uterus removed… so yeah, bad example.)

Either way I was in and out with no fuss, no muss and free drugs. What could be better?…. Ok a lot of things….don’t answer that.

Here are some pictures of what I got, and how my day is going so far;

This is my collection of drugs. 2 Puffers, an eye dropper thing, and something that squirts liquid into my nose. All free, haza!

This is my Penis enlarger. Which I breath through. Now I’m gonna be a grand 3 inches… I’m excited! Ladies? Call me.

What, what? I got three of them. I LOVE STEALING HOSPITAL SUPPLIES! (Just so you all know, I found a jar in my room that said Gauze, and it had tung depressors in it. True story.)

I went to The Sleepless Goat for pancakes, as I hadn’t eaten since 12pm the day before. The medication I was given was causing me to shake, and I had this bracelet on…. people must have thought I was an escaped patient from insane asylum. Some guy gave me an awkward smile when we made eye contact… it was amusing.

This is me looking like Darth Vader… I used it at the hospital and asked to take it home… they clearly said no. Kidding. (Also I have steampunk plans for this mask… which I’ll post when its done!!)

Well thats all folks. I’ll see you around town!

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Tumblr Vs WordPress

When it comes to my Tumblr and my WordPress I feel like a parent who loves one child more then the other, and its very obvious which one I love more. Its sad to say but Tumblr is just a much more smooth and simple (lazy ass) way to Blog.

So in order to make it seam like I love both of my children equaly, I will start posting one (baby steps) tumblr post on my blog. Sound good? Ok, so lets get this started;

That will just have to tide you over until Tumblr connects to facebook or you all get tumblr! GET A TUMBLR!

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Peanut Butter Jelly Time

PS. I always do this; forget about my CMYK and my RGB while doing a few of my images…. Thats why it looks like I’m colour blind, and chose all my colours at random. It looks better on my computer, not on the internet.

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Black History Month – Martin Luther King Jr. SONG!

This is a video by Schomomoyo (Auto-tune the news). Its really good and is free to download!

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