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How to make a tumblr photograph. By Katie McNeill


Make sure your model is bone thin and can be bent at awkward angles;

It also helps if she looks like she just shot up with heroin;

She needs to be a woman, or a man who looks like one;

These photographs normally only have one person in them, but you can have a second, so long as their of the same sex or kissing…

or both of the same sex AND kissing;


Make sure to have at least one painstakingly detailed, yet awkwardly sloppy hair style (You must have at least one braid);


Because you need to hide your face….. make sure to photograph the fallowing body parts the most;

Crotch and Legs

Crotch and Legs

Crotch, Legs and Feet


If you feel that photographing just humans isn’t enough, you can always add in props.

Animals are always great props… they also help to hide your identity, making it easier to re-post;

And if for some reason you cant seem to get your horribly depressing hipster emotions across, feel free to be lazy and do it with words;


When working with lighting, always use natural light, because lets face it, your only a photographer because your mom bought you a point and shoot.

Lastly, make sure that all of your photographs ore exposed wrong. This will make your lack of camera knowledge look artistic!


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Paint The Town Beth

No matter where you are, just look up at the moon, and know that I’m right there with you!

Thanks Beth! This one is for you! I hope your having fun in Alberta!

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Holy Sh*t!

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Dont Suck Today!

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The Chronicles of Katie and Emily


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Tumblr – Let’s see if I can be bothered posting twice….

Yeah that’s right, I just got tumbler! You can find me at;

Now you can have me…. and other people I think are like me…. on one page! It’s Christmas a few weeks early!

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