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And then there was Bruce…. KANYE!

The title has nothing to do with anything. Well it has something to do with something, but not really what will be in this post. I just felt I needed to pay homage to my friends car a bit before paying true homage to my friend. Its name is Bruce, the care I mean, Kanye for short. Kanye is a green station wagon…. and when we lose him in a parking lot, we walk around yelling KANYE until he shows up. Its a good system.

Anywho, the real reason I am here talking about a car, is because I wanted to tell ya’ll about a really good friend of mine. Now dont get me wrong, I have quite a few friends who I need to recognize, and yes Asia I will get to you, but I feel like Sam has been puttin’ up wit’ my shit just way too long…. EXAMPLE

When my boyfriend broke up with me I called her right away, she picked me up from my house at 12am, took me to his house, evacuated my shit, stole his dresser drawer, and took me on a 2 hour drive. (This included putting up with my ass while I cried, very loudly, in a McDonalds, while I ate ice cream and french fries.) Sam then spent that night, and the next day with me…. all the while having to deal with me crying intermittently between shopping, eating food, and watching a movie.

On top of this awesome story, (and so many others) Sam also spent last afternoon with me in the Emergency room. (( I was having a massive migraine which was messing with my vision…))  She sat with me, making me feel better, getting me chips when I was hungry, making sure that i didn’t scare other patients, and informing me every 10 minutes that I wasn’t thinking I was crazy… I actually was. HAHA! Just the same, not only has this won her a position of high esteem in my eyes, it als0 means that I wont force her to be a brides made in my wedding. (This makes her happy… go figure.)

So… Thank you Samantha… for being there when no one else is around!

Sam Mader – AWESOME!


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Buy-A-Net Videos!

Melody Mayberry, a volunteer who traveled to Uganda with Buy-A-Net, created these videos, which I posted onto youtube for the world to enjoy! I hope you all like them!


If you are interested in donating to Buy-A-Net, or would like to find out more please go to their website;

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My friend went to NY and all I got was a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup?

My Adventure With Reese’s in Photographs;

PS. It took me over a week to eat just the one…. My mom had the other one. Both together where over 2,000 Calories! CRAZY!

Anywho; Thank you Janice for getting this for me… my hips really love you! lol

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No Shoes, No Legs, No Service

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Turtle Suit Up! – Happy Halloween

Hey, I was a ninja turtle for Halloween! Whats up with that!!

Here are some photos from the night;

I made the dress and the Si, I also attached strings to the turtle shell…

I did my firiend’s rockabilly’s hair!

Dead Husband and Killer Wife…. they really are married! Scary!

I did her hair as well! To bad mine looked horrid! I’m not used to strait hair!

She was a ballerina Zombie…. nice!

Ms. Frizzle and Liz!

Hula Girl! WOOOwooow! Was she ever cold that night!

I hope everyone had a great halloween! I know mine was fun!

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“Damn, thats one long worm!”

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