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Uncle Verry

This one’s for you Deanna!


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The beautiful things in my neighbourhood…

So I walked to Starbucks today to use their internet…. I don’t know if i’ve told you as of yet; but I don’t have internet…. who-da-thunk?

Normally I just mooch off of any internet signal I can get, but it seams that the people (‘Linksly’ or what ever) have found me out and put an end to my shenanigans…. So here I sit, in the cold air conditioning, sipping on my daily calorie count, typing out my little heart, just so you ungrateful readers (all 15 of you) can laugh at me from your at home internet connections…. Lucky for me I’m to stupid to see anything wrong with this abusive reader to writer relationship so; lets get to what I came here for!

In this post I wanted to start by talking poetically about my walk here;

It’s raining today here in my home town (home city.. what ever) and as I walked here, threw the ‘Rape Path’ (yes it’s named that for a reason) I noticed something different about my surroundings; it smelled wonderful.

Now this path, although beautiful in it’s unique forest-like seclusion in the middle of a thriving city, has its downfalls. The ‘Rape Path’ is a dump site for a multitude of north end sins, rape not withstanding.

Now as I walked through the mud, water and dumped debris (sidestepping the dog poo) I noticed that the wild flowers, which surround almost the entire path, were wafting the most beautiful bouquet; completely removing the other odours that normally linger in the air.

Now I know this would normally not be something to talk about…. but I’m sure, as you may have learned (if only by reading my blog), that I remark on the strangest things! So, in the spirit of being me, this is something I wished to share with the world; all 15 of you.

(What I’m getting at) This path; located deep in the ghetto of my home town, something so dirty, depressing, and linked with rape and murder could be transformed, with just a little bit of rain, to reveal a completely new wonder. Its not the path’s fault that bad people do bad things, but it tries to make up for its history by growing true beauty in the middle of despair.


Now onto something great! My friends have left me!

Thats not completely true (ok not even close) but the ones that have left have been keeping in touch and I wish to reach out to them.

1. My Friend Eliza – somewhere in England

I’m living vicariously through Eliza’s move to England;  (these are photo’s she took)

Isn’t that just beautiful? She has hundreds, but I really liked these. I miss this kid so much, and it makes me sad that I can’t just text her stupid things like when radome good-looking guy’s smell nice….

2. My Friend Jed; London, ON

SO I searched Jed’s facebook and this is the most recent photo’s of his life in London;

This is a screen cap I took of him on Skype! (notice me in the corner?) I think it’s safe to say I’ll stick with living Vicariously through Eliza.

I miss this kid so much, lucky for me I’m still able to see him, and am planing on a trip there some time in November.

3. My Friend(s) Laura and Duncan – Ottawa, ON

Laura and Duncan moved to Ottawa so Laura could fallow her dream of becoming the Pirate/Ninja she always wanted to be. Sadly, this is another person who has yet to post photo’s of her life… so I’ll just post this photo of a sloth;

Just the other day I was reminiscing with a stranger (who knew Duncan) about all those time’s I’d be over for a visit, with him walking through his apartment – getting naked, with Laura following behind yelling’ “Duncan, I like these people!!” Oh, I miss those days…


So lady’s and gents, I think thats all for this post. I hope you enjoyed my pointless ramblings.

Till next weeks menage-a-thoughts!

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I will become Commander of Canada!

My thanks goes out to Tawnya D for giving me the idea…. I feel it was a WOW reference… which makes sense; seeing as Tawnya references WOW to almost everyday life… Thanks hun!

Enjoy ya’ll!

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Hot Doggin’

I wonder if this is really how Dogging goes? Oh, the musings in my head!

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Sitting at Starbucks, drinking $4 coffee a $2 muffin and looking over my 10 favourite fashion blogs. What could be better? Looking good while doing it!

Im sporting a high waisted apple patterned skirt with a matching blue cardigan and a red sinch-belt. How hot am I? (Answer; kinda blurry)

And look who decided to join me on my 2 hour yuppy sit in! Asia and April, sporting their sexy and clean after-gym look. (I’m just to lazy to go with them. Lol)

Anywho, I promis to upload some more photographs and one day I’ll even go through my closet with you! Have a great day!

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Well, I wanna

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This will be me some day;

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