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I’m sorry Its been a few days… a few days of AWESOME!! Full of drama, and excitement, and car chases!!!! But that all ended as the credits rolled and Bruce Willis was no longer on my TV screen. Just kidding… I don’t have a TV.

Anywho…. heres what ya’ll came to see;


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PA HA HA HA! oxyGIN! I crack myself up!

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Katie VS Toronto

True Story

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Katie VS Toronto

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I was (SLASH still am) on vacation!

HEY! I went to Toronto this past weekend!!! I was supposed to go to the anime convention but due to circumstances being what they may, I decide to go shopping at trendy and expensive clothing stores instead!!

Things I got;

1. A sunburn

2. a nice dress (along with several other articles of clothing, which I will post later!)

3. I even got some henna done!

<— only cost me $5!!!

It was a really great weekend and I cant wait to go back to TO! I also (just for you, my fans) did more cartoons!!! Which will be posted up later today!!! HOPE YALL ENJOY THEM!!!

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