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Sharks got em’ and so should you!

Something FUNNY; So a little about this pic… I started talking about things you need to be a gansta’ and one of them was Grillz, Peter said something about Jawz having Grillz and I was like… wut? O.O “A Shark with Grills???” Which he replied “You know, Jawz from James Bond, the guy with gold teeth.” And so began this picture. The really funny thing is I was having difficulty drawing a shark at this angle and so I decided to cheat and google an image to reference and I found this one;

Than I decided I needed to see some grillz so I googled grillz… and you’ll never guess what I found;

THE SAME EXACT SHARK WITH GRILLZ!!! What are the odds???? Anyways hope you enjoyed the post! COMMENT PLEASE, I would love to hear what you think!!


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Nessie – Liana’s Dog

Before she just looked like the love child of an ottoman and a 60’s shag carpet… now she’s frickin’ cute.

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When ‘Cooking with Katie’ Its All About the Potato…

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I was busy making Schupfnudeln!!!! Don’t know what Schupfnudeln is? Well have you ever had pizza? Good, cause its nothing like that…

Schupfnudeln is a German potato based pasta. First you boil the potato, then you press it and mix in flower and eggs. Once you role it into little ‘sausages’ its ready to be boiled a second time, with is followed by a quick frying in oil with breadcrumbs sprinkled on top!!! OM NOM NOM. You can serve it up with sausage and sauerkraut and TA! DA! A traditional German meal.

Peter and I had a lot of fun making this! And it didn’t turn out to bad, considering I haven’t made it since I was a little girl!

Hope you learned something from Cooking with Katie!

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Blooging… its addictive

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Moby Dick

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Me Thinks I Needs To Leave This Here House

I need to shower and eat… I’ve been just interneting  and watching Dr. Phill (“You’ve got to take control of your life!”) for about 24 hrs now….. I’m really starting to feel it… a shower is needed and a good clean taming of my hair… what do you guys thing?

Ah, this is what happens when I have free time… and no boyfriend to kill it with. I really truly have no life/SLASH/ no good books to read.

Well Off to Work… and then some more blogging later tonight… Goodbye sweet child of mine.

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World Malaria Day

I will update on this subject closer to the day, but I would still like to mention it now.

World Malaria Day is coming up on April 25th and we at Buy-A-Net need your help.


Malaria is a killer disease that is spread through the bite of an infected mosquito.  Malaria  is responsible for up to three million deaths each year and accounts for 95% of deaths in Uganda, Buy-A-Net’s first target country.

Malaria is only transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito; a person cannot give malaria directly to another person.  The mosquito spreads the disease once it bites an infected person, then passes the parasite into another person through its bite.

If we stop the bite, we can stop malaria.  That’s why bed nets are the most effective and cost efficient way in which to prevent malaria.  The infected mosquitoes bite usually at night while people are asleep.  The nets prevent the bite, and the insecticide on the nets kills the mosquito when it lands on it.

It can take 9-14 days for the symptoms to occur; the symptoms are like those of a terrible flu – fever, headaches, nausea, vomiting and extreme weakness.

If drugs are not accessible or if the parasite is resistant, the impact of the disease is tragic and severe including coma, lifelong brain damage, paralysis and death.

Children under 5 years of age are especially vulnerable.  If a child is not treated within 24-48 hours of the deadly bite, the child will likely die.  Malaria is 100% treatable.


The solution is simple; a Bed Net! sleeping under an insecticide treated bed net stops the bite, kills the mosquito when it lands on it, and has been shown to reduce malaria transmission by at least 50 per cent, and as high as 95%.


One Bed net can protect 4 people, and one of those nets is only $6, this net can last for up to 3 years. Our teams in Uganda, not only help deliver the nets to the villages, they also help train people on how to properly wash them and they supply the medication to help cure Malaria before it gets worse.

If you would like more information or a Kit sent to you about how you can help, you can contact me at  Don’t forget even a small donation can help save a life.

You can also donate online at;

This is James Brown, (Chairman of The Board) handing out bed nets in Uganda.

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